Cherie Currie Says Joan Jett And Lita Ford “Owe It To The Fans” To Make The Runaways Reunion Happen

During an appearance on “Waste Some Time With Jason Green,” Cherie Currie opened about The Runaways’ inability to commit to a reunion. The singer says she believes “Lita [Ford] and Joan [Jett] owe it to the fans” to make it happen.

Currie said the following:

“I’m the only bandmember that’s ever played with all the bandmembers once THE RUNAWAYS dispersed, disbanded> I played with Lita — I played with her, actually, I think in 2015 was the last time I played on stage with her. But I played, of course, with Sandy until she passed; I played with Joan [and] Jackie. So I played with all the bandmembers. But Lita has a big problem with Kenny [Laguna, Jett’s manager, co-producer and co-songwriter for more than four decades]. I kind of understand why now. When Joan was into it, Lita wasn’t. When Lita was into it, Joan wasn’t. And at this point, it’s, like, you know what, you girls. Are you out of your mind? Just grow the eff up.

Joan uses the excuse that we’re not teenagers anymore, we’re not THE RUNAWAYS anymore. But to me, I think it’s incredibly selfish.

You do things for the fans, and when you start thinking that you’re doing things for yourself after all these years of being successful in this business… I really think that both Lita and Joan owe it to the fans. But that’s just me.”

She also added:

“[I have] always been ready, but I didn’t even consider such a thing until Lita reached out to me in ’97 and asked me and Sandy to talk Joan into it. And we did. And then right when we had the record deal and the tour and everything that Kenny had put together, Lita walked. Just from one conversation. We had a conference call with me and Sandy and Joan and Lita and Kenny, and Lita just couldn’t stand hearing the sound of Kenny’s voice, and she just said, ‘You know what? I’m out.’ And that was it. And then she came back again after THE RUNAWAYS movie, [and then] Joan says, ‘No. I don’t wanna do it.’ And it’s just crazy, because it’s the same bullshit that I went through with these girls when I was a teenager. It’s just kind of, like, ‘Wow.’ I don’t know what to say; I just don’t. It’s frustrating because I know it would have been amazing to do. And it’s frustrating. You can’t make people do something they don’t wanna do.

I have stood on that stage as an adult in my late 50s… with Lita, and with Joan as well, and it was really like time had stopped every time I had gotten on stage with those two. It’s just too bad we could never have done it together, ’cause it would have absolutely been amazing.”

Currie continued when asked if a reunion is still possible:

“I don’t think so anymore. Because you get your hopes up, and then it falls apart. So I don’t get my hopes up for that kind of thing anymore at all.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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