Death Threat, Pain Of Truth, Merauder, Etc. Set For 2023 Black N Blue Bowl

The lineup has been revealed for this year’s Black N Blue Bowl. The event will take place at The Monarch in Brooklyn, NY on May 12-13 and it will feature the following:

May 12: Pain Of Truth, Bulldoze, Merauder (feat. Minus Rodriguez), All Out War, Division Of Mind, Combust, Sector, Rhythm Of Fear, Risk, Wrong Move, Missing Link, Counttime, and Strangle You.

May 13: Death Threat (25th anniversary original lineup), Bracewar, Naysayer, Restraining Order, Year Of The Knife, End It, Life’s Question, Fool’s Game, MH Chaos, Hold My Own, Dieja, Mutually Assured Destruction, and Never Again.

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