Oceans Ate Alaska Release Instrumental Version Of “Disparity”

Oceans Ate Alaska have released an instrumental version of their latest album “Disparity.“ You can find the effort on the service of your choice HERE. A 24 hour livestream is also available on YouTube.

The band commented:

“For Oceans, the instrumental release was always done out of pure demand. We put a tremendous effort into making the composition as dynamically rich as possible, no aspect of the instrumentation goes without a lot of time, care, and patience put in. When you apply this work ethic, it kinda makes sense that listeners want to hear a version without vocals; that’s not to say they don’t belong to the music, but the human voice tends to capture our ears before everything else so it’s a cool experience to be able to listen to everything that surrounds it.

With Disparity, our youthful sporadic compositional tendencies have been tempered, but only to give space to our lo-fi progressions, big room energy and fundamental song structure. We are very excited about this instrumental release as it will be a new experience for everyone!”


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