Metallica’s James Hetfield Warns Fans Of Imposter Social Media Accounts

Metallica’s James Hetfield has issued a statement regarding scammers who have been impersonating him on social media. The frontman says “the only connection [he has] with social media is through the official Metallica website and official Metallica socials.”

Hetfield said the following:

“There are people online that have assumed my identity, spreading misinformation, and have caused damage to other people.

There are imposters and predators out there. This is out of my control, but it is in your control who you choose to connect with. Please be careful on socials and vet people before getting in contact with them.

To be clear…I am NOT on any social media forms, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The only connection I have with social media is through the Official Metallica website and Official Metallica socials. If you are following or communicating with someone who you think is or is portraying themselves as me…


I hope this helps those who have been or are getting deceived and are ashamed to talk about it.

With love and respect,
James ‘Papa Het’ Hetfield”


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