Ozzy Osbourne: “I Am Determined To Be Back On Stage Even If I Am Nailed To A Board With Wheels On It”

During a recent appearance on SiriusXM’s “Ozzy’s Boneyard,” Ozzy Osbourne further opened up about his recent health issues. The frontman, who is still recovering from major surgery and dealing with complications from PRKN 2, says he is still “determined to be back on stage.”

Osbourne said the following [via Mirror]:

“[My fall] was nearly four years ago. It is really awful what is going on. It is a nightmare. Sometimes I forget. I am lying on the couch, go to get up and I cannot do that anymore. My sense of balance is all over the place. I have physical therapy and am trying to do things on my own. Progress is… fucking hell, you have no idea. The thing is my head is alright, my creativity is okay, my singing okay, but I just can’t fucking walk much now. But I am determined to be back on stage even if I am nailed to a board with wheels on it.”

He also added:

“I still have a lot in the tank. I’m determined to get back on the stage again. I’m still in recovery, and I have a goal. And my goal is to get back on stage. It’s the driving force in me. I miss my audience. I miss doing gigs. I miss my crew. I miss my band. I miss the whole thing. My family has been so good. I am the man of the family, but I have never been this laid up in my life.”

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