Godsmack Frontman Sully Erna Once Briefly Dated Lady Gaga

It seems past rumors of Godsmack’s Sully Erna dating popstar Lady Gaga were actually true. The news was confirmed by Erna’s bandmate Shannon Larkin, who told the “2020’d” podcast that the couple once had “a brief thing.”

Larkin said the following:

“Yeah, that’s true. And that’s not, I don’t think, a secret. I don’t think Sully would bum out if people knew he dated Lady Gaga. I mean, she’s hot, and she’s mega talented.”

He continued when asked why Erna never went public with his relationship:

“He’s not Tommy Lee or whatever, or whoever the guy is now… What I mean by that is — Travis Barker, Tommy Lee, whatever — is dudes that have public girlfriends that are super famous too. But they’re different than Sully. Sully’s an East Coast guy. He’s like me, Tony [Rombola] and Robbie [Merrill] — we’re East Coast dudes.

L.A. bands and West Coast dudes, they’re flashier, maybe, and they’re rock stars and there’s more David Lee Roth than — I don’t know — Eddie Vedder. You know what I mean? We’re more Eddie Vedder, even though we’re East Coast. We’re probably even flashier than Eddie. He’ll show up in an army jacket. You don’t even recognize him. ‘Oh my God. That’s Eddie Vedder.’ So we’re in between them and the dudes with the flashy girls on their arms.

So, did her date her? Yeah. But did he ever tell anyone? No — except for his friends and us. The band, we knew… It was a brief thing, by the way.”

This news comes after Erna previously said that “Under Your Scars” was inspired by Lady Gaga.

[via Blabbermouth]


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