Ghost’s Tobias Forge Says A “Good Change” Is Coming To The Band

During a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Ghost’s Tobias Forge discussed the band’s plans for 2023. Notably, the frontman also mentioned that the group have a “good change” planned for the near future.

Forge said the following:

“We’re doing a lot of touring again. On previous album cycles we’ve done four legs in America and two or three in Europe and repeated.

We’re going to go into every territory next year, but there’s going to be one European tour, one American tour. We are going to do a little bit of everywhere. There’ll be a little bit of something up in upper Asia, on the far end there – a very well-established country with a lot of pop cultural fascination, and the home of videogames. And there’s going to be something in the Oceania world, and there might be something south of Panama, and there might be something slightly north of Panama. It feels pretty solid.

We’re going to come out with a little bit of change before that — good change. We’re not going to go silent. Some things are public, other things not in public view, but there are a lot of things brewing.”


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