Devin Townsend Confirms He Once Turned Down The Chance To Audition For Judas Priest

During a recent interview on “The SDR Show,” Devin Townsend confirmed that he was offered a chance to audition for Judas Priest in the 1990s. However, he ultimately declined the offer.

Townsend said the following:

“Technically, yes, that happened, but it wasn’t like they were knocking down my door. Basically, they threw out a blanket thing to a bunch of singers — Warrel [Dane] from NEVERMORE, myself, a couple of other people. It [came in the form of] a letter with the [JUDAS PRIEST logo].

‘Unleashed In The East’ was the shit for me, and so to have that was… But I also remember thinking that singing was this thing that happened to me because of my involvement with Steve [Vai], because I never really set out to be a singer. I learned to sing because I was a guitar player and most of the singers I auditioned, I didn’t relate to. So I thought, ‘Okay, I’m gonna learn to sing until I don’t have to fucking sing anymore. And then, here we are, so many years later, where it’s kind of my deal. But, as a result of that, the technique that I had was so shoddy that had I gotten to a situation with that level of expectation, to sing like Rob Halford — dude, I’d be crucified.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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