Orianthi Finishing Up New Album

Orianthi is finishing up her new album. The guitarist says the effort will be a “sort of blues/rock kind of thing.”

Orianthi told FOX17 Rock & Review the following:

“We started this one a bit ago. I’ve been back and forth just finishing up the mixes and adding songs to it. There’s a lot of collabs on the new record too, [which is] very exciting. [There are] some really cool guests on it.”

She also added the following about the musical direction:

“[It’s] kind of more sort of blues/rock kind of thing.”

She also confirmed that it will be out in 2023:

“That’s gonna be out [this] year for sure. I’m in the studio a lot right now working on a few songs I’m gonna add to it and then mixing it and putting it in a really good place. I’m very excited about that one.”

She tweeted about the record as well:

[via Blabbermouth]


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