AC/DC’s Brian Johnson Says “There Is Talk” Of Filming More Episodes Of “A Life On The Road”

During a recent appearance on “Rock Talk With Jacqui Neal,” AC/DC’s Brian Johnson was asked about the possibility of filming more episodes of his “Brian Johnson: A Life On The Road” series. He responded with the following:

“Well, there’s talk of it. I couldn’t do any more last time because I was just too bloody busy doing other stuff. But I love ‘A Life On The Road’, because all it was was I could get together with my buddies. And the thing is I’m not a journalist, and the first thing that happens is the artist feels relaxed straight away ’cause journalists will always try a trick question or get a headline out of you on something, and they knew I was one of them and I would never do that. So they opened up about their early days and all of that, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

[via Blabbermouth]


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