Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain Quietly Battled Laryngeal Cancer In 2020

As it turns out, Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain quietly battled laryngeal cancer back in 2020. The drummer revealed the news during a 2021 interview with the University Of Miami Health System, which has been circulating as of late.

McBrain says he started noticing that something was wrong when his voice was becoming hoarse in 2019:

“When you are lying down in a quiet room and you speak and hear your voice in your head and have a cold, you sound different. This happened to me. I thought this is very reminiscent — this different sounding voice of mine — to when I finish a tour or after a show. I didn’t have a cold or any symptoms of illness at all. I started to feel that I was clearing my throat more when I was in conversations. So, I just took it on myself to call my doctor.”

McBrain was later diagnosed with stage 1 laryngeal cancer and had to undergo surgery shortly after. Fortunately, he has since gone into remission. He is also urging others to go to the doctor when they feel like something is wrong:

“I thoroughly recommend that anyone who may feel there is something different with their voice to go and get it checked out. And don’t put it off. It was very good for me that I caught it in stage 1.”


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