DragonForce Have A New Album Written

During a recent interview with MetalSucks, DragonForce’s Herman Li revealed that the band have a new album written. However, release plans are still pending.

Li said the following about the record:

“I can’t tell you anything just yet. Not until it’s done, at least. Because things change all the time, and the pieces are constantly moving, shifting, and changing. Even though it’s written, there are always going to be surprises in terms of what’s going to happen to it. But I can tell you that we are slowly working on it.”

He also added the following when asked if the band have a release date in mind:

“To be honest, no. And the reason is that the music industry is changing quickly now with streaming and everything. With all the changes, releases take a long time to set up — longer than they used to be — so I don’t know. I can tell you that I don’t want to mix the album and then have it sit there because it’s taking forever due to delays, and then no one gets to hear it. I’d rather give it away for free before that happens, but that’s not even a guarantee anymore. So, to maximize the potential of the album’s success, I’ve got to plan ahead. So, I don’t know. It’ll come out whenever, maybe next year, or maybe the year after. Stay tuned.”


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