Wage War Share Music Video For Acoustic Version Of “Never Said Goodbye”

Wage War have premiered a new video for a new acoustic version of “Never Said Goodbye.” This track is from the band’s new acoustic album “The Stripped Sessions,” which will be released on December 2.

The group said the following about the song:

“‘Never Said Goodbye‘ is a song about losing someone you love, without the relief of closure. You’re left wanting another year, another day, one last chance to say the things you wish you had before it’s too late. This was a track originally written on acoustic and was an easy pick for the Stripped record.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve dealt with a lot of loss within our Wage War family and we know many others have felt the same. Grief is one of the hardest emotions to control and understand. We hope this track is a chance to find peace with loss and remember to hold those closest to you… closer.”

Cody Quistad also added the following about the album, which serves as “a time capsule of [the band’s] years so far”:

“We obviously love to get rowdy and play super-energetic hard music, but just as important to me— and I think to people in general — is having that outlet to listen to something that’s a different speed. And how cool is it if a listener has songs they love in the high-energy realm, but it’s the same band, and those songs now offer a different take?

It’s been a hard couple years for everybody. There are songs on this record that I think and hope will be helpful to people who might be going through a rough time. It sounds weird, but I listen to my own music, and this record certainly helped me. It just feels like super special and plus I can finally play our music for my grandparents!”

“The Stripped Sessions” Track Listing:

01. “Prison” (Stripped)
02. “Slowburn” (Stripped)
03. “Godspeed” (Stripped)
04. “Me Against Myself” (Stripped)
05. “Hurt” (Stripped)
06. “Circle The Drain” (Stripped)
07. “Never Said Goodbye” (Stripped)
08. “Gravity” (Stripped)
09. “Grave” (Stripped)
10. “Johnny Cash” (Stripped)
11. “Folsom Prison Blues” (Johnny Cash cover)

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