Thomas “Angelripper” Such On Upcoming Sodom Record: “This Will Be The Heaviest Sodom Album Ever”

During a recent interview with Agoraphobic News, Thomas “Angelripper” Such offered an update on the new Sodom album. According to him, the effort “will be the heaviest Sodom album ever.”

Such said the following:

“We are still working on new material for a new album. We have three [songs so far]. I can tell you this will be the heaviest Sodom album ever.

I don’t know when it’s gonna be released — next year or 2024 — because I wanna work on it without any pressure. It’s very important. When the songs are finished, everything is fixed, we can talk to a record company to get an option to release. That’s also the business.

But, yes, we are always active. During the corona times, we had more time for writing songs and recording an album. That was the only positive in these times. But ‘Genesis XIX’ was a wonderful album ’cause we spent more time recording it.”


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