Firewind Working On New Album

Gus G. has confirmed that Firewind are working on a new album. The guitarist said the following:

“FIREWIND is returning next year, and we are working on music. We’re working on new songs. There will be a new album in 2023. We’re writing songs right now. We’re in pre-production mode and songwriting mode. And the new material is killer; it’s coming together really nice. And we start the year off with a massive European and U.K. tour. We’re playing 42 shows all over Europe and U.K. We’re gonna be special guests of BEAST IN BLACK. They’re an amazing band. They’re blowing up right now. And they’re taking us out on tour with them… It’s gonna be an amazing show… So, yeah, we start the year off with a massive tour. New music is gonna follow. And we’re gonna get to the rest of the parts of the world within the year.”

[via Blabbermouth]


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