Ice Dale On Enslaved’s Upcoming Album: “It’s Our Best Album To Date”

Enslaved guitarist Arve “Ice Dale” Isdal has taken to social media to comment on the band’s new album. According to him, the effort will be their “best album to date.”

Isdal said the following:

“I had a great time recording our upcoming new album! It’s such a powerful album and it just kept growing during the production as we tested out more and more crazy ideas and they all turned out great!

At the end we brought a mobile studio with us to Grutle’s house where we made pizza and recorded some really interesting stuff during the evening and night.

It is a very complex album and has so many musical layers and mix of genres that it might need a few spins to suck it all in.

I’m proud to say it’s our best album to date and also the best sounding one. Can’t wait to share more news soon and for you all to eventually hear it!”


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