John Bush Offers Update On Armored Saint Documentary: “It’ll See The Light Of Day At One Point”

During a recent appearance on “The Bay Ragni Show,” John Bush offered an update on the upcoming Armored Saint documentary “Armored Saint: The Movie.” According to him, the film will still “see the light of day at one point.”

Bush said the following:

“Well, Russell [Cherrington], who’s the man in charge of that and the guy who actually put it all together — it’s kind of his baby — he was doing some final editing. I think we were micromanaging it, but yet at the same time trying not to, because it is his thing. He got some amazing interviews with some people that I was really surprised that he was able to interview — people like Cliff Bernstein, who was our manager in our early days, and Ron Fair, who signed us to Chrysalis, Brian Slagel [head of Metal Blade Records], Lars [Ulrich] and James [Hetfield of METALLICA were interviewed for] it, and also Scott Ian [ANTHRAX], [producer] Max Norman, among many others. So it was really, really cool. It was really awesome, and I do think it would be amazing for that to come out.”

He also added the following about the delayed release:

“It’s just there was some footage that kind of seemed a little redundant that was a little too much. You know what? The interview parts are some of the best parts, and I love all that. It was just some of the footage. We were trying to say, ‘You’ve already showed this. You’ve already showed this.’ And there’s plenty of footage of ARMORED SAINT through the years and even recently. That being said, I think that he was kind of working with it along with his own life; he has his own thing going on. So he was kind of doing it as a labor of love and trying to get it done when he had the opportunity. It’ll see the light of day at one point. I just don’t know when yet.”

[via Blabbermouth]


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