AC/DC’s Brian Johnson: “I Would Love To Do Music Again”

During a recent interview with Billboard, Brian Johnson talked a bit about AC/DC. The frontman confirmed that the band are “still a working entity of sorts,” while also adding that he “would love to do music again.”

Johnson said the following:

“I would love to do music again. Whether it’ll be guesting with somebody, whether it be actually playing live with the boys. I’ve heard that term ‘hell freezes over’ a million times before with people saying, ‘I’m not doing that again.’ But I’d be up for it. I think everybody hopes to make more music.”

He also talked about his decision to not focus on AC/DC in his memoir “The Lives Of Brian” (out October 25):

“I didn’t want to write an AC/DC book, ’cause that’s not my book. It never will be. It’s not my story to tell. That book is for the boys, or whoever was there from the start. That’s what I want to read. I want to read what it was like when Malcolm [Young] and Angus [Young] just had a meeting and said, ‘Right, let’s do this’ and got the drummer and the singer. I think it would be fantastic if it came out, if somebody wanted to do it. But that’s not my book. And I think a book about the present day or, say, when I joined to the present day would be nothing more than a catalog, a diary of what happened.”


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