Expanded Edition Of Pelican’s “City Of Echoes” To Be Released In January

A new expanded edition of Pelican’s “City Of Echoes” is set to be released on January 27. The LP has been remastered by Josh Bonati and it will come with a number of bonus tracks. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

“City Of Echoes” Expanded Edition Track Listing:

01. “Bliss In Concrete”
02. “City Of Echoes”
03. “Spaceship Broken – Parts Needed”
04. “Winds With Hands”
05. “Dead Between the Walls
06. “Lost in the Headlights
07. “Far From Fields”
08. “A Delicate Sense Of Balance”
09. “Pink Mammoth”
10. “City Of Echoes” (Bear Creek demo)
11. “Bliss In Concrete” (October 2006 demo)
12. “Lost In The Headlights” (October 2006 demo)
13. “Winds With Limbs”
14. “End Of Seasons” (Prefuse73 remix)


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