Mammoth WVH To Release Deluxe Edition Of Self-Titled Debut Album In November

Wolfgang Van Halen will be digitally releasing a deluxe edition of his debut Mammoth WVH on November 11. The effort’s first single, “Talk & Walk,“ can be streamed below. That song was previously only available as a bonus track on the Japanese edition of the album.

“Mammoth WVH” Deluxe Edition Track Listing:

01. “Mr. Ed”
02. “Horribly Right”
03. “Epiphany”
04. “Don’t Back Down”
05. “Resolve”
06. “You’ll Be The One”
07. “Mammoth”
08. “Circles”
09. “The Big Picture”
10. “Think It Over”
11. “You’re to Blame”
12. “Feel”
13. “Stone”
14. “Distance”
15. “Talk & Walk”
16. “As Long As You’re Not You”
17. “Goodbye”

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