Art Cruz On His Lamb Of God Bandmate Randy Blythe: “He’s The Greatest Frontman In Heavy Metal History”

During a recent appearance on the “Talk Toomey” podcast, Lamb Of God’s Art Cruz took some time to praise his bandmate Randy Blythe. The drummer says he believes the vocalist is “the greatest frontman in heavy metal history.”

Cruz said the following when it was mentioned that Howard Jones (ex-Killswitch Engage) could be one of the band’s possible fill-in vocalists if Blythe is absent:

“I’m speaking as a fan as well. Randy Blythe, he’s the greatest frontman in heavy metal history, in my opinion — not just on a vocal level; it’s more of a performer, you know what I’m saying? Metal bands need a performer and somebody like that that can really take it and lead you through this adventure. So I think between Randy and people like Jamey Jasta [Hatebreed] and obviously Phil Anselmo [Pantera], these are elite frontmen, in my opinion. That’s just in my generation too. You can go back even more and start going deep into the older stuff, the classic metal days and stuff like that. There’s a lot more performers happening now, I think. From the hardcore scene and that New Wave Of American Metal that came through, your frontman was kind of everything.”

This news comes after Blythe recently commented on his ideal frontman during an appearance on Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach’s “Stoke The Fire” podcast:

“There are guys in their closet with their YouTube rig or in their garage who can outsing either fucking one of us. There is no doubt about it, man. They have more talent, natural talent, in their little pinky than either of us. But the difference is… I think one of the main requirements to be a frontman, a good frontman — actually, the only requirement, probably; I mean, you’ve gotta have some talent — is a willingness to get up in front of people and make an idiot out of yourself and be really bad for a while until you become good. And so these people with all this natural talent, it doesn’t fucking matter unless you can get in front of people and do it, and you have to do it with a group of people; you have to feel that bond; you have to deliver.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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