Dave Mustaine’s Oncologist Contributed Lyrics To Megadeth’s “Dogs Of Chernobyl”

During an interview with the Nashville Tennessean, Anthony Cmelak, the radiation oncologist who assisted with Dave Mustaine’s cancer treatment, opened up about contributing lyrics to Megadeth’s “Dogs Of Chernobyl.” Mustaine reportedly asked Cmelak to share his radiology experience on the track. The doctor said the following about that:

“I think [Mustaine] wanted descriptive terminology on how your bodily functions would change after exposure to massive doses of radiation. He also wanted a flair of someone being left behind … I geared toward that and it came around very quickly.”

“Dogs Of Chernobyl” appears on Megadeth’s latest album “The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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