Dark Angel Hope To Release New Album By Mid-2023

During a recent appearance on Oxygène Radio’s “Metal Zone,” Dark Angel’s Gene Hoglan offered an update on the band’s plans for new music. The drummer says the group are hoping to release a new album by mid-2023.

Hoglan said the following:

“We are writing right now. I’ve been writing for the last decade, really, just putting down DARK ANGEL riffs and all that. So now that we’re really moving forward with DARK ANGEL…

When we reformed a number of years ago — about a decade or so ago — it was for just a bunch of concerts. And then we all jelled together so good, I’m, like, ‘Man, let’s keep this together. Let’s start writing.’ So [guitarist] Jim Durkin and myself have been writing a ton of stuff. So hopefully by the middle part of 2023, we hope to have a new album out. We’re hoping.

My schedule has been so crazy. All I can do is just keep working on material. So at some point before 2023, I hope to get the drums recorded and the guitars and get all the rest of the record on the road. But we’re hoping.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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