Katatonia Announce 10th Anniversary Edition Of “Dead End Kings”

Katatonia will be releasing a 10th anniversary deluxe edition of “Dead End Kings“ on November 14. The effort will be available on CD/DVD and vinyl with two bonus tracks, “Second” and “The Act Of Darkening.”

The band shared the below info on the release:

“This special tenth anniversary edition of ‘Dead End Kings’ will be released as a double disc, with the first disc featuring the album plus all of its associated bonus material, and the second a DVD containing the 5.1 audio mix of the album. The package also includes new artwork from artist Seempieces – The Art of Travis Smith, with a continuation of the concept from his original work on the album. The LP will be release as a special half speed master for a superior, sharper, more direct and engaging sound.”

Jonas Renkse also commented:

“Looking back on ‘Dead End Kings’ 10 years after its release brings memories of busy and good times. We were eager to keep the momentum that we had built around Night Is The New Day and I remember we finished off the mastering just in time (I think it was actually the same day!) for the press listening session we had in London. Some songs on the album turned out to be Katatonia evergreens that we keep in our live setlists to this day. I also must mention the cover art (and interior as well) that is probably our most ambitious. Took a long time to finish but the result is a classic. Happy 10 years to DEK!”

Anders Nyström added:

“This 9th album of ours also spawned its sister album ‘Dethroned & Uncrowned’ and together they showed the entire palette of musical contradictions, successfully achieved from one and the same album. I believe we’ve visited every song on this album at different live appearances through the years, but we’re yet to play it front to back while celebrating it in its entirety. Hopefully, we’ll be able to continue that tradition down the road of this 10th anniversary of DEK, our modern classic.”

In other news, Katatonia are also planning to release half speed vinyl pressings of “City Burials” (out September 9) and “The Great Cold Distance” (out October 14).

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