Scarlett O’Hara Premiere “Witching Hour” Music Video

Scarlett O’Hara have premiered a new video for their new song “Witching Hour.” Vocalist Moses Lopez commented:

“The instrumentals for ‘Witching Hour’ have a gothic rock vibe and so when I was writing the lyrics, I thought to myself – what if I made this about a ghost that I can see, but nobody else is willing to believe me about it? The line ‘I drown out the noises by swallowing poison’ made me think about a common saying of ‘they probably forgot to take their meds today’ as a way of calling somebody insane. Some people find comfort in drugs or other toxic outlets to make themselves feel sane or mentally exit their suffering. I wrote this song about a metaphorical ghost haunting someone and they are going through feelings of numbness, craziness, and loneliness since no one believes their story.”

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