Motörhead To Release 40th Anniversary Edition Of “Iron Fist” In September

Motörhead have announced that they will be releasing a remastered 40th anniversary edition of “Iron Fist” on September 23. The effort can be pre-ordered as a 3-LP or 2-CD set featuring the album, along with unreleased demos and a 1982 live show in a hardback book-pack.

“Iron Fist” (40th Anniversary Edition) Track Listing:

“Iron Fist”:

01. “Iron Fist”
02. “Heart Of Stone”
03. “I’m The Doctor”
04. “Go To Hell”
05. “Loser”
06. “Sex And Outrage”
07. “America”
08. “Shut It Down”
09. “Speedfreak”
10. “(Don’t Need) Religion”
11. “Bang To Rights”

Jackson’s Studio Demos October 1981:

01. “Remember Me, I’m Gone”
02. “The Doctor”
03. “Young & Crazy”
04. “Loser”
05. “Iron Fist”
06. “Go To Hell”

CD & Digital Bonus Tracks:

01. “Lemmy Goes to the Pub”
02. “Some Old Song, I’m Gone”
03. “(Don’t Let ‘Em) Grind Ya Down” (Alternate Version)
04. “Shut It Down”
05. “Sponge Cake” (Instrumental)
06. “Ripsaw Teardown” (Instrumental)
07. “Peter Gunn” (Instrumental)

Live at Glasgow Apollo 18/3/82 (Previously Unreleased):

01. “Iron Fist”
02. “Heart of Stone”
03. “Shoot You In The Back”
04. “The Hammer”
05. “Loser”
06. “Jailbait”
07. “America”
08. “White Line”
09. “(Don’t Need) Religion”
10. “Go To Hell”
11. “Capricorn”
12. “(Don’t Let ‘Em) Grind Ya Down”
13. “(We Are The) Road Crew”
14. “Ace Of Spades”
15. “Bite The Bullet”
16. “The Chase Is Better Than the Catch”
17. “Overkill”
18. “Bomber”
19. “Motörhead”

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