Raven To Release “Leave ‘Em Bleeding” In September

Raven will be releasing a new compilation album, titled “Leave ‘Em Bleeding,” on September 30. The effort will feature songs from “ExtermiNation” and “Metal City,” along with various bonus tracks. John Gallagher commented:

“In a way, this record is a retrospective on the past seven years, which were hugely important to us, even if they haven’t always been easy.”

“Leave ‘Em Bleeding” Track Listing

01. “Top Of The Mountain”
02. “Metal City”
03. “The Power”
04. “Destroy All Monsters”
05. “Battle March / Tank Treads”
06. “Crash Bang Wallop” (live)
07. “Necessary Evil”
08. “Space Station #5” (Montrose cover)
09. “Malice In Geordieland”
10. “Bad Reputation” (Thin Lizzy cover)
11. “Rock This Town”
12. “Stay Hard” (live)

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