The Cult Premiere “Give Me Mercy” Video

The Cult have premiered a new video for their new song “Give Me Mercy.” This track is from their new album “Under The Midnight Sun,” which will be released on October 7.

Ian Astbury said the following about the song:

“I was absolutely enamored with this piece of music Billy [Duffy] had written, and it perfectly fit these thoughts I’d been having about our culture’s need to move past assumptions of duality. We need new language because words can’t express where we’re going.”

Billy Duffy continued:

“‘Give Me Mercy’ has all the hallmarks of the new classic Cult to my ears … fresh yet familiar.”

Astbury also added the following about the album, which was inspired by walking the grounds at the Provinssirock festival in Seinäjoki, Finland:

“It’s three in the morning, the sun’s up, and there’s all these beautiful people in this halcyon moment. People are laying on the grass, making out, drinking, smoking. There were rows of flowers at the front of the stage from the performances earlier that evening. It was an incredible moment.”

“When the world stopped [during the pandemic], I had this moment to write in real time, to calculate. I was compelled by this vision, this anomaly, this memory, of being under the midnight sun. Tom [Dalgety] helped us bring a new musical shape and frequency to our process.”

“At the core of it all, music contains the vibrational frequency of how we once communicated before we could even speak. Bird songs, animal calls, string theory, quantum physics, psychedelics. The record ultimately is about finding and uniting beauty in those strangely natural moments.”

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