Daniel Tompkins (TesseracT) Releases New Songs “The Abyss” & “Frenzy”

Daniel Tompkins (TesseracT) has released two new songs, “The Abyss” and “Frenzy.” You can check those out below:

According to Tompkins, “The Abyss” is an “upbeat song about rising above uncertainty.” He also added the following about “Frenzy”:

“I’ve had these songs in the pipeline for some time after a spell of writing last year. They showcase a different side of me that’s been bubbling away. I really felt like I needed to ramp up the energy and these two tracks definitely get me excited for the new album that I’m working on with Mac Christensen ‘Deeper Kind‘ and Paul Ortiz aka ‘Chimpspanner‘

”Frenzy‘ is a full-frontal assault – it’s like screaming in the mirror at yourself to keep going. I wrote these songs last year, handled the guitars, all tracked with my OD Guitars ‘Cybele’ and decided to bring in Mac Christensen aka Deeper Kind (White Moth Black Butterfly) as a co-producer, on these two songs – he’s really helped to bring them to life.

The mix and master was handled by Forrester Savell (Producer, Mixer) who I’ve worked with previously on Skyharbor‘s ‘Guiding Lights‘ and WMBB‘s ‘The Cost of Dreaming‘ released last year on Kscope. And talking of WMBB, we are currently working on the next album, too.”

In other news, Tompkins has also joined forces with Alpha Delta Brewery to create a double IPA called “Liquid Hype.” Fans can purchase the beer HERE.

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