Mushroomhead’s Steve “Skinny” Felton Comments On New Touring Lineup

As previously reported, Mushroomhead have been out on the road in Europe with a new touring lineup consisting of VentanA‘s Scott Beck, who is filling in for vocalist Jason “J Mann” Popson, Aydin Michael, who is filling in for sampler Rick “St1tch” Thomas, and Joe “Jenkins” Gaal, who has taken over for ex-guitarist Tom “Tankx” Shaffner. Now, drummer/percussionist Steve “Skinny” Felton has officially commented on the changes within the band, saying that they are “stronger than ever.”

Felton told Moshpit Passion the following:

“This is just the current version that we’re touring with. COVID came in and changed a lot of people’s lives, and some people decided that they didn’t wanna do the touring anymore. And we weren’t gonna just sit around and wait for people to feel that the world was convenient enough for them.”

He also added:

“We’ve been trying to put this tour together since we put [the ‘A Wonderful Life’] record out — June of 2020. So we’ve been trying to do this for two years. So if people kind of fell off over the course of two years, then that’s what happened. So we ended up rebranding the band once again. And it’s stronger than ever. And we changed up quite a bit of the material [in the setlist] because of that. We’ve got abilities now that we simply did not have in the past, as far as touring. So we’re totally taking advantage of it.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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