Rammstein’s Coventry, England Concert Was So Loud It Could Be Heard Eleven Miles Away

It looks like Rammstein’s June 26 show in Coventry, England was a loud one! In fact, the gig was so loud that people were able to hear it from 11 miles away. The Coventry Telegraph shared the following report regarding that:

“Householders leapt onto social media to report hearing ‘loud thumping’ across Nuneaton and as far away as Burton Hastings — which is eleven miles away. Some were confused at what the noise until others said it was the rock band’s gig. Posts on Facebook discussed hearing everything from a ‘loud thumping’ to a ‘loud beat’ through their closed windows. … A loud boom was heard around 10:20PM as fireworks lit up the night sky to end the gig.”

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