Exhumed Relaunch “Abort The Court” Shirt To Continue Raising Money For Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project

In response to the Supreme Court’s egregious decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Exhumed have decided to relaunch their “Abort The Court” shirt to continue raising money for the Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP). The original run of shirts previously raised $3,000 for that organization. You can get one for yourself HERE. The band issued the following statement:

“You axed for it, here it is. Our ‘Abort the Court’ fundraiser shirt is back – all profits donated to wrrap.org a a non-partisan, nonprofit organization assisting women who are financially unable to pay for safe, legal abortions or emergency contraceptives. This is a PRE-ORDER, shirts will ship August 15 since Matt’s leaving for tour in 3 days. If you already got one of these, first off THANK YOU. Please share or better yet, make a donation directly to WRRAP.org or Planned Parenthood.”

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