Manowar Release New EP “The Revenge Of Odysseus (Highlights)”

Manowar have digitally released a new EP titled “The Revenge Of Odysseus (Highlights).” You can find the cover art and track listing for that effort below:

“The Revenge Of Odysseus (Highlights)” Track Listing:

01. “Athena’s Theme”
02. “Telemachus – Part I” (with Konstantinos Kazakos and Sakis Tolis) (Ancient Greek)
03. “Where Eagles Fly” (with Chiara Tricarico)
04. “Odysseus And Calypso – The Island Of Ogygia” (with Kostas Kazakos) (Ancient Greek)
05. “Immortal”

The following was said about the EP [via Blabbermouth]:

“For this project, which is based on “The Odyssey”, Homer’s tale of the great hero Odysseus and his long and perilous quest to return to his wife and son, MANOWAR went to great lengths: bassist/leader Joey DeMaio traveled to Athens to record a narration with father-and-son team Kostas and Konstantinos Kazakos. Kostas, hailed in Greece for his participation in many movies and as an accomplished theater actor and writer, and his son Kostantinos, who is also a talented actor, narrated a touching dialogue between Odysseus and his son Telemachus. And to honor the historic source material, they did so in Ancient Greek, translated from English by Sakis Tolis of Greek metal band ROTTING CHRIST.”

Joey DeMaio added:

“It was a pleasure and privilege to work with Kostas and Konstantinos, Sakis and everyone else who was involved in this narration. I call Kostas ‘the Greek Orson Welles’, not only because these two giants share many remarkable talents and outstanding voices, but also for being equally passionate to deliver a perfect narration while being humble and kind at the same time! We can’t wait to share everything with our fans.”

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