Motörhead And Headcat Members Defend The Late Lemmy Kilmister Against Nazi Sympathizer Accusations

As you probably know, the late Lemmy Kilmister had a history of collecting and wearing pieces of Nazi paraphernalia from World War II. As such, he has been accused of being a Nazi sympathizer. However, his bandmates, Motörhead’s Phil Campbell and Headcat’s Slim Jim Phantom, have since come to his defense.

The conversation stemmed from a fan who said the following on Twitter [translated from Spanish]:

“RIP Lemmy…although he had his Nazi tendencies, he always seemed to me the best rocker in history…of course after Hendrix, whose assistant he was at concerts.”

This led Campbell to respond:

“FYI, Lemmy DID NOT, have any Nazi tendencies. He was a historian.”

Slim Jim Phantom also chimed in:

“Phil Campbell is 100% correct & I will vouch for this true statement all day long. Best, SJP 😺☘️🥁”

Campbell then added:

“Thanks Jim, we should know.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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