All That Remains Guitarist Oli Herbert’s Widow: “I Absolutely Did Not Kill My Husband”

During a recent interview with Daily Mail, Elizabeth Herbert, the widow of All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert, further opened up about her husband’s suspicious death. She also commented on the various accusations leveled against her, saying that she had nothing to do with the musician’s death.

As previously reported, Oli passed away in October 2018 and police have been investigating his death as suspicious. His body was found in a pond near his home in Stafford Springs, Connecticut and he had unprescribed antidepressants and sleeping aids in his system. Elizabeth also later revealed that his death was the result of drowning by issuing an odd sounding statement.

One week before Oli’s death, the guitarist also signed a will making Elizabeth the sole executor and benefactor. It also said that his sister Cynthia Herbert was not allowed to become executor or receive anything from his estate and that Elizabeth would get all “property as well as any current or future earnings.”

All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte previously expressed frustration with the lack of an arrest in Oli’s death, while seemingly referencing Elizabeth, who he previously called a “garbage human being.” He also revealed that the band couldn’t do anything with Oli’s name on it due to the financial dispute between them and Elizabeth. This includes benefits that the group wanted to do in his honor.

For her part, Elizabeth has since told the Daily Mail that she is completely innocent:

“I absolutely did not kill my husband. The police, they were talking to all these people who had an axe to grind with me. People are accusing me for various reasons, for revenge, for free publicity, to try to build careers for themselves.”

She also took issue with lead detective Michael Zella:

“You could tell he was fan of the band. Here he is, this country cop, and he’s working on a rock star who died. I think he got star struck and was on a power trip.”

Elizabeth also claimed that a mysterious woman named Penelope once pushed Oli into the pond after stepping on their property to find a missing dog:

“That did cross my mind when the police found my husband’s body – that it was Penelope. Did Penelope come back? Did he stumble down there on his own? We don’t know. All I know is I was upstairs in bed and when I came downstairs in the morning he wasn’t in the house.”

She also added the following about her and Oli’s relationship and his decision to make her his benefactor:

“We loved each other, we trusted each other and we were husband and wife, despite everyone else doing whatever they could to break us up. We were leaving each other everything, including making each other beneficiaries of each other’s life insurance policies.”

You can read more over at the Daily Mail.

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