Vexes Premiere New Song “The Dream Disease”

Vexes have premiered a new song titled “The Dream Disease.” This track is from the band’s new double album, “Imagine What We Could Destroy /// If Only Given Time,” which will be released on June 17.

Guitarist John Klagholz commented:

“‘The Dream Disease‘ is about being too afraid to chase a dream or a desire that you’ve had, only to watch the moment or the opportunity pass you by and then feeling the regret and the hollowness about your choice not to pursue it for the rest of time.

We all live with the fear of rejection or feeling like we’re insufficient in certain ways, but to a casual observer things are not always as bad as they seem. The song can be interpreted as someone who from the outside looking in is trying to help ease those fears and offer some kind of encouragement or hope.

Whether we choose to accept that offering is the crux of the matter.”

[via MetalSucks]

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