New Jersey Congressman Calls For Live Nation To Be Broken Up

According to the New York Post, Bill Pascrell, a Democratic congressman from New Jersey, has called for Live Nation to be broken up. He argues that the 2010 merger between Live Nation and Ticketmaster has led to less competition and an increase in safety concerns.

Pascrell said the following:

“About 200 deaths and 750 injuries occurred at Live Nation events since 2006. Have safety measures not improved? Has Live Nation silenced organizers? I want answers. I think the public deserves to know.”

He later added:

“They may double the profits, and they still didn’t do anything about the safety of folks who go to their concerts. The disaster results are obvious in terms of how many people died. They got to be held accountable, just like any other business.”

Pascrell then went on to say that there’s “no way out” when you have “larger corporations controlling more and more of the entertainment” and that “Congress has to come up with some way to break up Live Nation.”

This news comes after Mark Perry of the conservative American Enterprise Institute think tank previously shared similar concerns about Live Nation. He said the following:

“It’s only going to get worse unless Washington lawmakers and regulators step in with a fix.”

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