Glenn Danzig Says His May Tour Might Be His Last: “I Just Don’t See Myself Getting On A Tour Bus Anymore”

During a recent interview with Revolver, Glenn Danzig discussed his May headlining tour, which is set to launch tonight (May 5) in Reno, NV. The frontman says the trek might end up being his last.

Danzig said the following:

“It’s not really much of a tour. It’s 10 shows. I don’t think I’m going to tour anymore. I’m just going to fly out to a show here or there. I’ll maybe be down to do some one-offs. But I just don’t see myself getting on a tour bus anymore.”

He continued when asked if that means no more tours:

“Yeah. I think I’m done.”

Despite this, he hasn’t ruled out more Misfits shows:

“We’re doing Riot Fest [in Chicago] this year. We’re doing the whole ‘Walk Among Us’ record. So, we’ll see if there’s any other stuff [after that]. There’s been talk. I have the whole fall off, unless I’m doing a movie or something — and I don’t really like doing a movie during the winter. It’s too cold. So, we’ll see. There might be some Misfits shows.”

On another note, Danzig also discussed the possibility of new music:

“I write songs here and there. Lately, I seem to be writing more soundtrack stuff. I don’t know that I’m ever going to do another album again. I might do an EP or I might just record some songs and put them out for free on the internet. We’ll see. It could be that right now I’m just not interested, and then a month from now I’ll be in the studio. It depends. I’ve got to be excited about working in order to go do it. And right now I’m not that excited.”

He also added:

“It’s a bunch of different things. I’ve been doing it so long, I’ve written so many songs — trying to get excited about it and bringing something new or something cool, it takes a little longer now. The other thing is that people are stealing music left and right. Nobody really buys music anymore. I still go in a real studio to record so I’m not some kid in my living room doing my record.”

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