Black Sabbath Team Up With Puck Hcky For New Merch Collection

Black Sabbath have teamed up with hockey-themed brand Puck Hcky for a new merch collection. You can see what they have to offer HERE. Matt Marini, CEO of Puck Hcky, said the following about the collaboration:

“WOW! We here at Puck Hcky cannot be more proud, honored and excited to release this collaboration with the legendary Black Sabbath. The impact Black Sabbath has had (and continues to have!) on the music world cannot be understated, and all of us at Puck Hcky fully realize just how special it is to be able to drop this collection! We hope that the legions of Black Sabbath fans around the world find this collection truly special and enjoy wearing it as much as we do! Again…all we can say is WOW!”

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