Sharon And Kelly Osbourne Test Positive For COVID-19 Following Ozzy’s Diagnosis: “The Entire Household Has It Now”

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne have tested positive for COVID-19. This news comes shortly after Ozzy contracted the virus.

Sharon told Jeremy Kyle the following about Ozzy’s health during a recent episode of “The Talk UK” [via Daily Mail]:

“He’s doing much better. His temperature is now back to normal; his coughing has stopped. He’s doing much better.”

She continued when asked if Ozzy was overreacting:

“A little bit..But I’ve got some news to share. My daughter Kelly has it, I have it and the entire household has it now.”

She also added the following when asked if Ozzy will take care of her:

“Maybe. We’ll see. I feel okay, actually.”

This is the second time Sharon has had COVID-19 after previously battling the disease in December 2020.

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