Thieves Tried To Steal Archspire’s Trailer While Drummer Spencer Prewett Was Asleep In The Back

Archspire are currently on tour and they almost became victims of theft last night (April 23). Thieves tried to steal the group’s trailer in a hotel parking lot, but they ended up being thwarted by drummer Spencer Prewett, who happened to be asleep in the back. The band said the following about that:

“SOMEONE TRIED TO STEAL OUR TRAILER LAST NIGHT!!! We had our van parked in a hotel parking lot, and two trucks rolled up and started trying to detach our trailer from our van. Luckily our drummer Spencer was sleeping in the back, he woke up and scared the shit out of them and they peeled off. We were SO CLOSE to having our entire touring rig stolen, including merch, gear, clothing, everything. What were trying to say, is EVERY NIGHT ON THIS TOUR COULD BE OUR LAST so if you’re on the fence about coming to a show, DON’T SLEEP ON GETTING TICKETS!!!”

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