Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine: “If You Don’t Like What I’m Saying, Fuck You”

During Megadeth’s April 12 show at Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado, frontman Dave Mustaine took aim at those who criticize his controversial stage banter. He said the following:

“The last couple of nights I’ve been talking from the stage. It’s been a long time, and we’ve all been waiting for live music again. And there’s some people who have taken exception to some things that I’ve said from the stage the last couple of nights. And I thought to myself, ‘Well, if you don’t like what I’m saying, why are you at a MEGADETH concert?’ If you don’t like what I’m saying, fuck you. First Amendment, right? Freedom of speech. Fuck you. That’s what I say. Don’t take shit from anybody ever.”

This news comes after Mustaine recently claimed that he once pissed on the floor in a White House bathroom.

[via Blabbermouth]

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