Eyes Set To Kill Premiere New Song “Fake”

Eyes Set To Kill have premiered a new song titled “Fake.” This track will appear on the upcoming vinyl edition of the band’s latest EP “Damna.”

Alexia Rodriguez commented:

“‘Fake’ is about the versions of ourselves that we broadcast to the network of social media in order to steer away or cover up the reality of who we really are or how we really feel. I confess that I have been consumed by the idea of other people’s perceptions of who I am from time to time. In that, I wanted to shine a light on these truths about our own realities and how we use social media to paint a pretty picture to mask the internal faults, pasts, mistakes; who we really are behind the screen. The truth is what always remains at our core and no matter how pretty we paint that picture for others, we ourselves will one way or another have to face the truth of who we really are with acceptance.”

[via New Noise Magazine]

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