Geoff Tate Says “There’s Not Really A Motivation” For Queensrÿche’s Classic Lineup To Reunite

During a recent interview with 80’s Metal Recycle Bin, Geoff Tate addressed the possibility of a classic Queensrÿche reunion once again. Unfortunately, the singer says “there’s not really a motivation” for that to happen.

Tate said the following:

“QUEENSRŸCHE had a really good run. Not many bands can last 30 years. And we did, and we wrote a lot of really cool music that I’m very proud of. We visited a lot of countries and played a zillion shows, made a lot of friends. It was a really good run and I’m proud to have done that and grateful for everybody in the band who stuck it out all those years.

I think there’s a time to say goodbye to that and move on to other parts of your life and do things that you wanna do. The older I get, I created a bucket list of things to do in my life, and one of ’em was playing the ‘Rage For Order’ album in its entirety on a concert tour. So I’m doing that right now, accomplishing my bucket list. I wanna go to as many different countries as I possibly can. This year I’m going to two new ones — Costa Rica and Peru, which I’d never been to before. That’ll make it 64 and 65 countries I’m performing in.

So, getting the band back together? For what? If we were gonna make an album together and get on that kind of level, that would be a really difficult thing to do, I think, but not impossible. It would be more likely that we’d get together and do a concert tour, which we’ve been offered, and certain people have declined it. So, I don’t know. There’s not much of a motivator at this point within the band, the people that were in the band. There’s not really a motivation. If it’s not money and if it’s not creatively [fulfilling], why get together?'”

[via Blabbermouth]

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