Bring Me The Horizon Guest On New Masked Wolf Song “Fallout”

Bring Me The Horizon are featured on a new Masked Wolf song titled “Fallout.” You can check that out below. Notably, the track was influenced by HVDES and it also features some of her vocals and production.

Masked Wolf commented:

“I haven’t done a collaboration that felt dark; I always felt that my brand had that edge of darkness to it, and I was waiting for the right opportunity to come along. When I heard ‘Fallout’, it grabbed me straight away. The way I felt like I was meant to be in the rubble but could still be brought out, that’s the feeling it gave me. The way the song builds over time made me feel like there was nothing wrong with it at all. To me, it’s perfectly structured and gives me the emotions I love diving deeper into when writing songs.”

Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes added:

“This collaboration came around in a super interesting way with talk of us making something for a film, so we had to approach it in a different way, which resulted in a really dark and cinematic vibe, and we felt HVDES’ influence fit so perfectly for that mood. Then adding Wolf’s vocals onto it gave it this deeper feel, which is again another totally new world for Bring Me The Horizon to step into.”

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