Ozzy Osbourne’s “The Ultimate Gin” Now Available In Europe

Ozzy Osbourne’s “The Ultimate Gin” is now available in Europe. Fans in the U.K., Germany, Austria, France, The Netherlands, and Belgium can find the drink HERE.

Here’s a description of the gin:

“The Prince of Darkness, multi-platinum artist Ozzy Osbourne, applies his legendary status in the world of heavy metal to the spirits industry with the launch of The Ultimate Gin.

Made in the classic London Dry Gin style, The Ultimate Gin performs all the notes expected in this traditional form, yet with the striking expression allowed to rock out through the bold alcohol content of 47%.

Nose: Large complex gin-typical aroma with clear tones of juniper, citrus and herbs.

Palate: Well-balanced and bold flavour with distinct notes of juniper, a touch of citrus and hints of herbs.

Finish: Well-balanced and rounded finish highlights the sophistication of the blend.”

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