Tobias Forge Says Ghost’s New Song “Grift Wood” Was Written About Mike Pence: “He’s Just This Awful, Awful Person”

During a recent interview with Kerrang!, Ghost’s Tobias Forge opened up about the band’s new album “Impera” (out March 11). Notably, the frontman revealed that one track on the effort, “Grift Wood,” was written about Mike Pence.

Forge said the following:

“That song’s about him and anyone like him who’s willing to soil everything they’ve worked for. They definitely qualify for a front-row ticket to Hell. Which is so ironic, because that’s what they believe in. [People like that] completely demean themselves, and just eat shit out of someone’s ass in order to achieve whatever they’re trying to achieve.

Again, he stands as a symbol for people of all times, where the end game is wrapped with some sort of religious [thing]. He’s known as this sort of Bible thumper, believing that he has strong faith, and he’s just this awful, awful person in any way. He tries to tell the world that he serves God, that he’s part of the good side. Whereas at the end of the day, the only thing he wants is power. But it doesn’t have to necessarily be all about him. It’s about people like him: a lot of politicians, lot of preachers, a lot of clergymen throughout the history of time.”

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