System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian Tells Jimmy Page Man Who Signed Led Zeppelin Gave His Philanthropic Support To Denial Of Armenian Genocide

System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian has called out Ahmet Ertegun, the Atlantic Records founder and CEO who signed Led Zeppelin, for funding the denial of the Armenian Genocide. The singer’s comments were a response to Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, who recently shared some throwback photos from a 2007 tribute show for Ertegun.

Tankian said the following:

“Dear Mr. @jimmypage. Its very admirable that @ledzeppelin played a tribute show in 2007 for Ahmed Ertegun as the man who signed your band to Atlantic records. What you likely don’t know is that man spent millions of dollars on think tanks and chairs at various US universities all with the goal of denying the #ArmenianGenocide. There is absolutely no honor in that I’m sure you’ll agree.”

He also added the following after the story was picked up by Blabbermouth:

“Good article by @blabbermouthmusic reviewing my dealings with Ahmet Ertegun based on my interviews from #truthtopowerfilm We will post the clip from that soon. I want to restate that although Ahmet Ertegun had spent millions in denying the #ArmenianGenocide through US think tanks and university chairs hiring denialists, he did tell me that he believed that Turkey should recognize it. When I said great, will you put that on paper, he said they would burn his house down in Turkey (even though he clearly stated he was close to President Erdogan there). I told him he should not do that then because I would not violence enacted upon him. This shows that even he was afraid of Turkey’s drift toward fascism or maybe he was just BS-ing to get what he wanted out of it”

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