Belphegor Share Music Video For New Medley Of “Blutsabbath” Tracks

Belphegor have shared an age-restricted video for a new “Blutsabbath” medley called “Blackest Sabbath 1997.” This news comes as the band are preparing to re-release “Blutsabbath” and “The Last Supper” on January 14. Helmuth Lehner commented:

“We’ve rearranged and re-recorded a medley of two songs off the ‘Blutsabbath‘ album [1997] as a promotional single for the re-release of our first two full-length LPs due 14th January 2022 in double CD and single LP formats. Florian Klein, aka Torturer, tracked the drums, and the ‘Blackest Sabbath 1997” was mixed & mastered at Jens Bogren´s Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden. It was a thrilling experiment to re-record this song I wrote in 1996 with a new sound wall, our current skills and recording capabilities 25 years later. We hail you demons, enjoy this special offering from us!”

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