Jason Hook (Ex-Five Finger Death Punch) Has About 30 To 35 Songs Written For His Upcoming Project, Says He Is Still Looking For A Singer

During a recent appearance on the “Making Waves” podcast, Jason Hook (ex-Five Finger Death Punch) offered an update on his new project. The guitarist says he has about 30 to 35 songs written and that he is currently looking for a singer.

Hook said the following:

“That’s been the only agenda I’ve had, really, since leaving DEATH PUNCH. I’m still working with the same team of people at [record label] Better Noise [Music] and [management company] Tenth Street. I just went right to work writing songs. I’ve got 30, 35 songs. And they’ve heard a lot of the material, and they’re excited about it. Where I’m getting stuck is I’ve had many singers come through and I’m just really trying to be patient to pick the right guy. They were, like, ‘Don’t be in a hurry to pick your singer. Make sure you find the right guy.’ And I don’t disagree with that because it really is the make-or-break element. So, that’s top priority right now.

I’ve done my work. I’ve got all the material prepared; some are completed songs, some are just music. But I really wanna find a co-writer, a partner, somebody that I have that chemistry with and that we’re both on the same page musically. I’ve got the facility. That’s the only element that’s missing.”

He continued when asked what type of vocalist he is looking for:

“I like heavy music, but I also like melodic music. And I think that’s one of the things that [FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH singer] Ivan Moody was fantastic with, is that he sells his lyrics, he can sing really well, and he can get heavy but you can still decipher what he’s talking about; you can follow the storyline. It’s not like that guttural [death metal-style vocal]; you can really understand what he’s saying even when he’s singing with his heavy voice. And Ivan Moodys don’t just grow on trees [laughs]; it’s hard to find.

I like guys like Dave Grohl. I certainly like Corey Taylor. I always loved Adam Gontier’s voice, from THREE DAYS GRACE; those early records and the power and the grit of his voice. But most importantly, I’m just looking for somebody that has something above and beyond, something that’s magic. There’s a lot of good guys out there — I’ve certainly had them over here — but I’m looking for something that’s magic, not just good.”

Hook also added:

“I’m not necessarily looking to recreate FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. That band is an anomaly, and I think it would be foolish to try to clone it. The music will have familiar sounds and elements from what they sound like, but that’s only because I had a pretty decent hand at writing that music. So it’s inevitable that I’m gonna take me over here, and it’s gonna have some familiarity, obviously. But as far as a singer goes, it’s kind of like when Tom Morello found Chris Cornell, you’ve got two guys that are extremely good at their role; that was destined to succeed. Now, when Eddie Van Halen had Sammy Hagar, they got very lucky ’cause that clicked, that worked. But when they got Gary Cherone — not so cool.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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